Broken Chains is reaching some of the most vulnerable children in the world. The environment they live in increases the percentage of them being targeted for sex trafficking. Many children are raised in single parent homes where there is very little income. Out of necessity for survival a mother will exploit her own children to be able to provide basic needs for her family. Seventy percent of girls in Costa Rica will be exploited during their teenage years.

Broken Chains is making a difference in the lives of these young children. At our Kids Club in Pocora, we provide a meal, Bible lessons, games, and an environment where they can find the hope of Jesus. Our church in Pocora is reaching out to change the lives of those that are hurting. Our partnership with Face of Justice, which provides the only safe house in Costa Rica, is caring for young teenage girls that have faced extreme trauma. At the Freedom House many victims experience the love of a family for the first time in their lives. Through education, counseling, and a loving stable environment these young children are given the opportunity to have their childhood back. Through the hope of Jesus, they will be given the opportunity to live a normal life, something many of them never thought possible. Your sponsorship of $30 per month will change the life of a child forever. For just one dollar a day, you can give hope to a child who never thought hope was possible.